Since every individual has a different body shape and preference,

the optimal wearing sensation can’t be found just by using the uniform shape of the jewelry.

NOONEE Jewelry has three designs for the insider of the band in order to make the wearing sensation the most appropriate.

Soft Fit that is good to wear in daily life with the most comfortable grip,

Cloud Fit that focused on the softness at entry and a slight sense of weight,

and Round Fit that concentrated on the ample sensation and heaviness.

Since the collection, detailed design, and matching with the layered ring have to be considered as well,

our designers will guide with all sincerity to make the fit in the most beautiful way.


You can include the meaning that you consider important in your marriage through a secret stone inside the wedding band.

Diamonds and natural color stones are used for the secret stone.

We engrave the phrase and date that you want along with the secret stone.