NOONEE Jewelry only uses diamonds that didn’t go through any illegal process.

We only use stones that were supplied by a reliable site-holder and certified by GIA.

The purpose of this is to set the best diamonds for precious jewelry.

The factor of 4C that GIA created is now being used as a general standard of assessing the quality of diamonds.

In other words, the grading standard and certificate of GIA are the clearest and the most reliable.

4C of GIA is composed of the Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.


Color is the fundamental factor of a diamond, and the less color a diamond has, the rarer and more valuable it is considered.

The colors of diamonds are classified from D to Z in the descending order,

and NOONEE Jewelry only deals with colorless diamonds, D to F.


Clarity is decided based on the inclusions and blemishes of the diamond.

Diamonds are described as ‘flawless’ if no inclusion or blemish is found when you magnify it 10 times.

Diamonds without any minute defect are very rare, and although most diamonds contain natural inclusions,

those inclusions don’t have an effect on the beauty of the diamond.

NOONEE Jewelry only uses diamonds that don’t have any evident and obvious inclusion or blemish when magnified 10 times.


Cutting is the task for the maximal expression of the splendid and the glow that the diamond has.

Diamonds can express the best beauty only when it is cut through accurate proportion and finishing,

and a loss of many gemstones should be endured in order to achieve the accurate proportion.

NOONEE Jewelry only uses the best cutting grade that is directly connected to the beauty of the diamond.


Diamond carat weight measures how much a diamond weighs.

The size of the diamond can raise its value and rarity, but its importance decreases if it isn’t cut in the proper proportion.

Despite that, the value of the jewel can increase if its weight increases, and it is because large jewels are rarer than small jewels.

NOONEE Jewelry recommends the optimal diamond by considering every aspect,

such as the value of the diamond, suitability for the wearing client, and the jewelry design.