The design of NOONEE Jewelry starts from a rough sketch.

We usually get the inspiration from nature or start the design from an attractive form.

What we consider important is the beauty when it is eventually worn and the meaning of the jewelry.

Every aspect should be examined to make the best jewelry, including the form, wearing sensation, balance, etc.

Beautiful jewelry can only be created after going through numerous supplementary work and verification tasks.

Every jewelry of NOONEE Jewelry is planned and completed through a process like this.


NOONEE Jewelry can produce jewelry of an elegant and exquisite mood

because we stick to the traditional jewelry manufacturing technique and graft it onto modern technique at the same time. 

In order to make the expression method even more creative,

it is important to keep the design simple and modern but also pay attention to the beauty of details at the same time.

Based on the exquisite and refined production technique of skilled artisans,

we are creating a unique image that you couldn’t encounter before.


In total, NOONEE Jewelry presents 6 gold colors

that match various skin tones, including white, yellow, rose, beige rose, champagne, and warm brown.

White is lovely even to its detail, and yellow is the most traditional and luxurious one.

Rose gold directs an elegant mood, and beige rose gold creates a slightly softer image.

Champagne gold goes well with the skin tone,

and warm brown gold is attractive in a calm but luxurious way.

Every gold of NOONEE Jewelry is developed in a unique mixing ratio

and we concentrate on the subtle change of colors.

Especially, the champagne gold of NOONEE Jewelry is produced through a special metal recipe,

unlike the white gold nude of other companies.